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Fast girls – new book out now about three fast female runners who made history, interview with author Elise Hooper. plus the ONE time my mommy told me to go to the doctor.

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 I hope you’re feeling fast today because we’re talking about fast Girls. this time ‘fast girls’ isn’t referring to your running group – it’s a new book that explores the gripping history of the first female runners on the us Olympic team and their journeys to the 1936 summer games in Berlin. 

I’m listening to fast girls ideal now and I’m ecstatic to speak to the author, Elise Hooper in the main event. So let’s get started with a warm up!


Como vai você?? It’s hot here in southern California and it’s actually humid too! I’m not used to the humidity.

I used to take an annual trip to Florida in the summer and it’s sooo humid there I vow you have to have gills to be able to breath. The humidity was 100% and it’s generally like running underwater. 

So I’m grateful it’s not that humid. but one of the worst parts of humidity is – it holds the heat. In SoCal considering that it’s dry… the middle of the day is HOT, when the sun’s out it’s hot obviously, but in the morning and the evening it cools off a lot a lot more than somewhere humid. 

But that’s NOT the case now and it was 78 degrees at 7am! That’s craze and it indicates you can’t get out early to ‘beat the heat’!?! Which is my go-to method for running in the summer. Boo.

But – despite the rant, I really feel like we’re lucky to be able to run.

 There are a lot of other activities that are a no-go ideal now. gyms are closed. yoga studios, pilates studios, zumba classes, crossfit, spinning… so lots of of the ways people workout are NOT an option ideal now. but you can run. We get to run!! 

So I hope you’re having a good run ideal now! Let’s just focus on being grateful for what we can do. 

New Runner Resources:

The best ways to carry Water While Running. It’s a video on Run eat and YouTube with the Pros and Cons of each type of hydration running gear. 

And I found a new light bread that’s actually good! I got it at Costco and it says Keto friendly loud and pleased ideal on the label but it’s generally a low calorie, high fiber bread – 30 calories per slice. I posted about it on Instagram @RunEatRepeat so you can see pics of the bread and nutrition label there. 

The Q&A is coming back! So if you have a question you’d like answered on the show please leave a voice mail or email. 

The voicemail line is 562 888 1644 – call that number and leave a message with your question.

OR email and put Podcast question in the subject Line.

If you have a question while you’re running – stop and call or put it in your notes app so you don’t forget!

I’ll put links to the articles I pointed out and the voicemail number and email in the show notes on 

Now let’s get to the main event!

Fast girls book – Elise Hooper interview

In fast girls author Elise Hooper explores the gripping history of members of the first integrated women’s Olympic team, and their journeys to the 1936 summer games in Berlin, Germany. This inspiring story is based on the real lives of three little-known trailblazing female Olympians. It’s a terrific way to capture the stories of these incredible women.

I’m listening to it on Audible ideal now. and before this I hadn’t listened to a historical fiction book – so while the term seems self explanatory I asked Elise about it because I think it’s so interesting and a terrific way to learn about historical events. 

Main Event: Elise Hooper – author of fast Girls

Elise and I chat about:

What is historical Fiction?

How she found these runners

Olimpíadas de verão

Learning through stories and books

How she’s staying active during the pandemic

e mais!

Connect with Elise Hooper:
You can get fast girls by Elise Hooper at your local small book store, on Amazon, Audible and more.

On her web site – Elise

or Instagram – @EliseHooper 

I hope you took pleasure in that! let me know if you read or listen to the book and your thoughts. and if you have any book recommendations please chime in on today’s Instagram post with them!!


Today’s awards are this week’s FOOD favorites from Costco. These are my 3 favorite foods from Costco ideal now.


NEW Keto friendly Bread from Costco. É bom!!

Three Bridges Egg Bites  

Stir-Fry Veggies from Costco – this is a staple I always get and always have on hand.

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