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thank YOU all for commenting on my last post! We got over 100 comments in under two hours and the Orange county AHA will receive $500 from Quaker on our behalf. (I’ll try to get them to include all our names in the note. No promises.)

I got tagged for that “11 random Things” about me game that’s going around, but I recently shared 5 quirky things so I’m only giving you six more.
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Running tip stay healthy during the COVID19 Outbreak

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1. (This goes along with my quirky hating to get out of the shower thing…) I ran out of q-tips today and freaked out and went straight to the store sopping wet. I hate when my ears are wet, makes me cold.

2. I feel like I have a ton of regrets about major life decisions. It’s something I really want to let go of this year

3. Last night I had a dream that a stranger kid slammed a guinea pig into a cement block and it was dying. I was screaming for Ben and he woke me up.

And that’s why you get married – so someone wakes you up from  bad dreams.

4. I wish I drank more. I don’t know anyone who says that, but I say I’m going to start drinking more every year and never do. I am not good at relaxing so I thought this would help. smart plan, right?

5. My least favorite chores are putting away dishes and getting gas.

6. All my childhood videos are super embarrassing because I was unbelievably bossy and LOUD! I know, it’s hard to imagine.

In other news, since I’m the master Manager’s special Scorer I grabbed this Roasted Garlic Loaf for 50% off today!

See that whole clove of garlic in the bottom right? Well, my carpool friends are going to be smelling that tonight. Sorry ladies.

Annnnnd a big ol’ mixing bowl salad. three years later I am still not sick of TJ’s Peanut Dressing.

And now I present to you a new feature on RER – just the tip Tuesday.

One tip. Na terça-feira.

Since just the tip was inspired by TJ’s list on Twitter this is a Trader Joes Tip: buy the Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette dressing.

As I was writing this post the Fed Ex delivered this Healthiest Foods on earth 2012 calendar from Dole. It made me happy to remember the Dole summit I attended in November

Part of the reason I wanted to do Jamie Eason’s strength routine was forced variation – I need to be made to change it up sometimes! (See above mentioned salad for the 953 day in a row.) So I’m hoping this calendar will expose me to some new foods. I bought the healthiest foods book a while back and never read it – this is like my Cliff’s notes version!

Hey, ever heard of a Strawberry?! Brincando. maybe tomorrow will bring a new healthy food.

I am going to a fun dinner tonight in San Diego with my runner / blogger peeps! Te vejo mais tarde


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